Player Zone Tennis Academy

Professional programs in Player Zone Tennis Academy

We are professional tennis team located in Belgrade, Serbia

Professional Program Player Zone Tennis Academy (PZTA) Includes :

17 hours of tennis per week (Monday-Saturday) with the coach and maximum one more player on the court during the stay in Belgrade;

5 times of fitness per week (Monday-Friday) during the stay in Belgrade;

• 1 massage per week during the stay in Belgrade;
• balls and court;
• two t-shirts and one sweatshirt with PZTA logo upon arrival to the academy;
• tournament planning for the player;
• organization of sparring matches with players from inside and outside the PZTA;
• the presence of a coach on the national and international tournaments (the coach’s salary is included in the price, while traveling, traveling insurance, accommodation and food costs are not included. If more players from our academy are present at the tournament, the costs are shared);
• possibility of always obtaining the same – private coach on the court, the same mentor, as well as the same fitness coach for an additional charge per month (regarding prices, please contact the director of the academy).


• Daily program: 120€;
• Weekly program: 675€;
• Monthly program: 2.150€;
• 3 months program: 5.850€;
• 6 months program: 11.000€;
• 12 months program: 21.500€;
• If you prefer to pick and always have the same coach on the court, as well as during the tournaments, that will cost additional 650€ – 3.000€ per month; If you prefer to have a mentor that will continuously follow player’s progress, that will cost additional 250€ – 650€; If you prefer to pick and always have the same fitness coach, that will cost additional 150€;
• Mental coach: 25€ per session;
• Stringing: 4.5€ with your strings;
• Stretching with the fitness coach: 30min- 10€; 60min-20€;
• Apartment is located 3 minutes walking distance from the club for the cost of 20€ per day per person or 400€ per month per person. The apartment is equipped with WI-FI, kitchen and everything a person needs for a comfortable stay. We also provide food delivery from the “Fit Bar” restaurant (regarding menu and prices, please contact the manager of the academy);
• Physiotherapy: cost depends from the therapy;
• Airport pick up or drop-off: 25€;
• The chosen price to be paid in advance on the first day of practice. Money paid in advance is nonrefundable (refer to “agreement protocol”).

Not included in this price:
Transportation to and from the tournaments, traveling insurance, accommodation and meals, traveling bags, visa expenses, stringing and laundry.

Working with pro players 100%
Working with juniors 100%
Working with kids 100%
Working with rekreation 90%
Player Zone Tennis Academy igrac
Leadership 100%
Communication 100%
Team Work 100%
Driving 80%