Player Zone Tennis Academy

Professional programs in Player Zone Tennis Academy

We are professional tennis team located in Belgrade, Serbia

VIP Program Player Zone Tennis Academy (PZTA) Includes :

Unlimited tennis (Monday-Saturday) with the coach and maximum one more player on the court during the stay in Belgrade;

One hour of private tennis lesson per day;

• Chosen Mentor free of charge;
• unlimited fitness (Monday-Friday) during the stay in Belgrade;
• unlimited massages per week during the stay in Belgrade;
• unlimited stretching per week with the fitness coach;
• unlimited mental trainings;
• balls and court (PZTA team will try to provide the same balls as on your next tournament);
• as much PZTA equipment as needed;
• tournament planning for the player;
• video analysis of sparring matches and tournament matches as needed;
• enter and withdrawal of selected tournaments (IPIN, ATP, WTA) for the player;
• during traveling with the coach, the coach’s salary is included in the price, while traveling, traveling insurance, accommodation and food costs are not included. The player keeps a right to decide whether a coach will be taking other players to the tournaments, in which case the costs during the tournaments are shared among the players);
• possibility of always obtaining the same – private coach on the court, as well as the same fitness coach for an additional charge per month (regarding prices, please contact the director of the academy).


• Daily program: 200€
• Weekly program: 1.150€;
• Monthly program: 3.500€;
• 3 months program: 10.200€;
• 6 months program: 20.000€;
• 12 months program: 39.000€;
• If you prefer to pick and always have the same coach on the court, as well as during the tournaments, that will cost additional 650€ – 3.000€ per month; If you prefer to pick and always have the same fitness coach, that will cost additional 150€;
• Mental coach free of charge;
• Stringing free of charge in Belgrade;
• Stretching with the fitness coach: 30min free of charge; 60min free of charge;
• Apartment is located 3 minutes walking distance from the club for the cost of 20€ per day per person or 400€ per month per person. The apartment is equipped with WI-FI, kitchen and everything a person needs for a comfortable stay. We also provide food delivery from the “Fit Bar” restaurant (regarding menu and prices, please contact the manager of the academy);
• Physiotherapy: free of charge;
• Airport pick-up and drop-off free of charge;
• The chosen price to be paid in advance on the first day of practice. Money paid in advance is nonrefundable (refer to “agreement protocol”).

Not included in this price:
Transportation to and from the tournaments, traveling insurance, accommodation and meals, traveling bags, visa expenses, stringing and laundry.

Working with pro players 100%
Working with juniors 100%
Working with kids 100%
Working with rekreation 90%
Player Zone Tennis Academy igrac
Leadership 100%
Communication 100%
Team Work 100%
Driving 80%